Wednesday, 12 April 2017

1989 Genestealer Cult Hybrids (Rogue Trader Era)

In a bid to keep myself motivated and productive in terms of overall miniature output I have become something of a hobby butterfly in 2017 and I am bouncing between a variety of different projects in order to maintain my interest. So after last week's foray into the exciting world of dreadnoughts I have switched over to another long term project in the form of attempting to expand my slowly growing Genestealer Cult.

This time I have painted up two more first/second generation hybrids for the cult. I have used the original 1989 plastic hybrids from the expansion to the original Space Hulk entitled 'Genestealer'. Regular readers may remember that I have actually painted up a few of these old school plastics before.

Now it must be said that when I first saw these monopose models all those years ago I wasn't impressed, in fact I thought they were over-simplistic monstrosities that looked more deformed than terrifying; and to be honest these feelings didn't change massively after I'd painted the first couple of models. 

However for some reason this has changed of late and they have started to grow on me! 

I have found with a bit of variation on the arm/weapon options and some different paint jobs these venerable minis can be shaken up a bit in order to provide a fairly good looking force for the table top. For these latest two I created a degree of variety by painting the fleshier parts of the hybrids with two distinct shades of purple in order to show that these are individual creatures as opposed to uniform troops like Space Marines.

For the weapon choices I went for some classic Rogue Trader ranged weapons in the form of a Plasma Gun and a Bolt Pistol from the Ork weapons sprue of that period. I painted these a nice bright red in keeping with the contemporary colour styles that were prominent in the late 1980s/1990s.

When choosing equipment options for this particular force I must be clear that I'm not massively interested in selecting awesome game winning combinations but rather those weapon choices that fit in with the image of a ragtag bunch cultists seizing firearms from wherever they can get access to them.

I have quite a large cult force now and pictured above are all of the plastic-style hybrids that I have added to it so far. As I said previously these old models have really grown on me of late and I am sure I will paint up a few more in the near future. 

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Rogue Trader Dreadnought vs Modern Dreadnought

So I decided to take a break from the Assassin Project for a bit as painting predominantly black models can get a bit tedious and I do like shake things up every so often in order to keep my interest up. Thus I rummaged through my (fairly large) abandoned projects box and found a 1988 'Rogue Trader' dreadnought that I had assembled and basecoated green in 2013 and a far more modern 'Assault on Black Reach' dreadnought that I had basecoated blue in 2009 just after that specific version of 40k (5th Edition) was released.

Friday, 24 March 2017

1995 Callidus Assassin vs 2016 Callidus Assassin

So now we come to phase two of my assassin project which I completed this week! 

This time I have painted two assassins drawn from the Callidus Temple. These shape-shifting female killers are pretty impressive fighters who are able to use the drug polymorhpine in order to disguise themselves as an enemy leader's most trusted adviser...and then get close enough to land the killing blow.

Friday, 17 March 2017

1995 Vindicare Assassin vs 2016 Vindicare Assassin

Can you believe it...1997 was 20 years ago!! That is absolutely mind-blowing! I can't quite believe how old this revelation has made me feel!

1997 is important for us as Oldhammeres as it was the last full year of WH40K Second Edition before the abomination that was Third Edition was introduced in 1998. It was also the year that the original Codex Assassins was released in a small free A4 pamphlet. 

This miniscule publication refined these sinister Imperial Agents and replaced the old generic assassin with four distinct temples each of which specialised in dealing a different form of death to the foes of the Emperor.

As a tribute to that publication and the fantastic models that went along with it I have decided to set myself a little challenge. I am going to paint one of each of this classic models (which were actually sculpted in 1995 according to their base tabs) alongside their recent plastic replacements.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Imperial Knights for 40k - House Taranis

Greetings Readers,

Well it is time for my first post of March! First things first, the latest copy of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy magazine has been released this week (issue 89) and I am proud to say that it contains an article by myself about the need for a degree of both creativity and improvisation in wargaming as well as some other great articles! So go and pick up a copy!

Now more importantly.....let's look at some toy soldiers (very big toy soldiers) that I have just finished painting!